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Staying with Cable Was Not an Option

October 29, 2015

When my cousin offered to help me get things set up at my new house, I was so thankful. She lives right there in town, but I was nearly 300 miles away trying to organize the move that happened pretty suddenly. All of her decisions were really great, but I did tell her to hold off when she wanted to schedule an installer from Insight Cable to come to the house a few days after I was to arrive. She told me that it was the same cable company she uses, but I also knew that she was not happy with her cable prices either.Insight Cable

I knew that I would rather have no TV programming access than pay a ridiculous amount each month. read more …


Setting Up Satellite Tv the Right Way

August 14, 2015

Satellite-Television-TV-Equipment-For-Narrowboats-satellite-dishAll of my life all I ever watched was cable television. That is just what you did. I ordered the service when it first appeared and then never thought about changing. Why would I? It’s easier to just go with what you have and not bother with wasting time trying to scrounge around for a replacement. All of that changed when I pulled up stakes and moved the family to Ohio due to a lucrative job offer and ended up on

When we got to Ohio, I figured I would just float back into watching cable television. A co-worker at my new job suggested I look into satellite television instead. He said you get more channels, better service, and a better picture. I was intrigued enough to visit read more …

What are WB Editor tools?

December 15, 2015

In WB Editor 3, there are a set of tools that can be used to accomplished more complicated tasks other than basic editing tasks. E.g.

  • Find and replace test
  • Edit HTML source
  • Spell check
  • Insert image or file
  • Insert playing music information


Each tool can be have a shortcut key assigned and can be set to run automatically before or after posting.


WB Editor 3 has an extensible structure to link external program modules, called plug-in to get more tools. Therefore it can have more and more function expanded without changing the stable core. The plug-ins bring fun and power to the blogging life style.

More plug-ins are coming to bring in more tools,

  • Insert Tags
  • Insert weather information
  • Insert YouTube Videos
  • Facebook Plugin
  • ……


Business Ideas for Beginners

November 20, 2015

Trade Forex and go for regular work

forex-001-300x200when most people come to the Forex, they paint a career in which they can easily earn money bag and get all the free time in the world. But the trend is that these same traders become obsessed by the market, and instead of having more free time, they spend every waking moment in front of your monitor! And my family, they spend even less time than before to the moment when they came to Forex.

There is a trading method that does not need to be constantly at the monitor. This method involves trading on the weekly and daily charts.

When traders learn to trade the Forex market, it is better to choose trade on the daily chart. Why? Since many beginners Forex and have most of the work, they just do not have time to watch the market for a few hours. And then the free time that they have, they want to spend with your family. Trading on the daily chart just gives such a possibility, that is, in this case, the trader does not have too much to look at changes in the market situation.

Trading on the weekly and daily charts has the following advantages:

Trade outside the market “noise .” Trading on the daily charts allows traders to more accurately determine the market trend. After all, on the daily chart are no sharp fluctuations. This is not true of 5- and 15- minute charts when any “noise» can cause dramatic fluctuations.

Lifestyle. Traders can look at the charts once at the end of the working day. After that, the trader will only take profit or leave the position for further observations.

People can go to regular work. Trading on the daily charts allows traders to place trades once a day, after which they can enjoy, daily activities (work, family, etc.). Such a sale does not require constant monitoring schedules.

Simple and easy. Trading on the daily charts is much easier to trade on shorter time periods. In this case, the trader has the time to think about all the good. It was only after he makes a decision about entering the market or leaving it.

Once a trader has become profitable in the daily and weekly charts (for several months), it may consider including in your trading method intraday charts, for example, the 4-hour. Step by step can be reduced intervals.

Most traders believe that once they became successful on the daily and weekly charts, they do not need to move to a decrease in time slots. And the reason for this is that they do not want to pay Forex too much time in their lives because there are other things to do.

The best kind of investment on the Internet

November 20, 2015

Financial difficulties and how to solve them

Forex-300x225probably everyone has faced financial problems. Many people want to give you an extra good income, in order to fix their financial problems. Many of them seem to work in a good company, get a good salary, but sometimes this is not enough for people to meet their needs. They cannot afford to buy an excellent apartment, nice furniture, rest on the sea on holiday, but for many this is not enough.

They want to repair the apartment, buy a new car, and much, much more, it all depends on your needs and desires. But there are times when, as they say, the soul asks for a job. Many people come up with the idea of the impending retirement, but how then, as they have a good income. Therefore, people are beginning to search for additional income on the internet, but many pretty hectic schedules the basic work, and the need to take care of their health. What do you do?

There are a great way out of this situation uncomplicated – investing. What is meant by this term? Put simply, we need to “make” their savings to generate income.

PAMM- accounts – as a ” place ” for investment

probably the most important stage of investment – a search for “place” investment. In this age of computer technology has a number of resources, places where you can invest your funds and bring yourself a favor. There are two types of investment. In the first form of investment income is provided to you, but it is quite modest, not large. The second type can bring a lot more money, but it is at times riskier than the first. Recently, the popular general accounts, then they are the best way to invest in the Internet. But before you start investing, you need to know what the account is. PAMM- accounts – this is the trade account, consisting of one or more accounts of investors. PAMM- accounts help to get a great return on known to everyone as the Forex market.

It is not necessary to have any skills in this area. One of the main advantages of investing in the account – is the ability to start investing even a small start-up capital. Does not necessarily have a great starting amount in order to successfully start. To begin receiving income, you must register at one of the online brokers Forex market and make it a real account (real money). But sooner or later, is faltering. However, for such cases are reliable assistants. In the case of the «failure «of PAMM-accounts will help the portfolio. Uncomplicated scheme goes: if one of the tools gives losses, the second at the same time accurately compensates for this loss, and the third will make a profit.


Finally I want to say that the account – it’s a great way of income on the internet. However, always remember that you run the risk keep this in mind. Very often there are problems with the launch of investment; there should already be your will, your patience. With determination and hard at all of you necessarily will take a very large sums to all known Forex market!

The opening of the agency creative gifts

November 20, 2015

The holiday, of course, cannot possibly be complete without certain gifts. Well, if youhave a gift and a pleasant sense of the original, the festival is gaining maximum positive-emotional momentum, and the giver is remembered and finds a very long-termarrangement with the person to whom a present surprise was presented. Here are just aselect exclusive gift of material (or tangible) stuff is incredibly difficult – so many giftsalready acquired the status of “traditional”.

horse-ride-198x300But, on theother hand, whosaid thatonly need togivesomething tangible? After all,you cangiveandunexpected events! More precisely,immerse” hero for the dayin theexciting andunusual situationsandaction.

For example, arrange for him a romantic walk on a rentedyacht, agree on skydiving or hang-gliding, purchase a ticket to big stars, etc. Only imagination can limit thescope of this list of “situational gifts. If you and the most difficult to extend the list of possible creative gifts of this kind, it makes sense to think about the earnings on such ideas.

Unusual agency

So, you can create your own recruiting agency creative gifts, which will be treated as friends and family hero for the day, and even he (well, why not give a gift to yourself, and even so!). However,before proceeding to the formation of the agency itself, you need to think through a list of proposals, gifts that you will be able to sell through it.

Thinkthatcanbothsurpriseandbring pleasure tothe man.Thus it is necessaryto take into accountthe differencein temperament, aptitudes and interestsof prospective clients.Therefore, whendrawing uplistsof servicesis to talkwith a variety ofyour acquaintancesand friendsthatcouldsurprise and makethem personally– so youwill be ableto “covera widerange ofhuman choice, rather thanfocusonlyon them.

Among the possible gift suggestions (as an option ) may be such , for example, diving in water depths of diving, hot air balloon or glider , going to the theater , visiting exhibitions, bike tour , camping , horseback ride , hike in the mountains , etc. .

02Since each of the services will be the kind of business idea, you should think carefully about the way the implementation of each of them, and in general – consider whether certain services within your city that is constantly being updated with the latest pricing , to provide customers with current data .

It is important to agree in advance with the owners of those services and the services that will be included in your list, the percentage of the money that you will receive for each new client to their services through your agency. The list of gifts is better to include at least 20 -25 -minute service options, thereby providing customers with the freedom and diversity of choice (as in the types of entertainment, and in the price).

Your agency staff (initially, at least) is not required – you will be able to organize the orders themselves. Office also is not required, as the customer can take them at home or go to them. The main thing – do not forget to register the incident. Well, then – act as anintermediary between customers and those who will provide the services, which will require, of course, organizational and communication skills.

03When communicating with the customer should negotiate all the details, not just the overall plan the event as people are quite different. And what do you think will seem insignificant trifle, for the customer, who knows the particular nature of the «hero of the occasion,” can play a very important role. After all, your goal – absolute satisfaction gift to whom the service is addressed and, therefore, no small thing should not even be a drop of tar in organized «ointment.”

Yes, do not forget to post the list of gifts and registration PE at least a little much-hyped – a bright site with show pictures and prices of the services provided to them, order a skilled copywriter (who can be found on the special online exchanges) write fascinating, «catchy ” story – description of your agency for a small website . Be sure to click the box “services” of local newspapers, as well as organize the distribution of leaflets in passable places. Yes and posting advertisements in the city cannot hurt. Good luck!

Production of acrylic baths

November 20, 2015

Production-of-acrylic-baths-300x300Catching bathroom design, trying to account for the entire interior, making it convenient and aesthetically decorated, cozy, carefully choosing tile, furniture, but the main emphasis is on the plumbing. And this is understandable: the plumbing for the bathroom – the most important element, combining designs, functionality and convenience.

In this paper, we analyze the information about the production of acrylic baths, equipment for him and manufacturing technology.

Plumbing – is a sink, toilet, bidet and, of course, television. She is central. Recently, all kinds of buyers preferred acrylic baths. Price acrylic bathtubs are different. There are quite affordable, affordable options. The low price acrylic bathtubs do not say anything about their low quality. There is no doubt. The low cost is a very different explanation: well-known manufacturers of this product make their products quite affordable and the quality is not affected, and performance characteristics are not getting worse. So the thesis that ” the more expensive the better ” in this case does not work.

Equipment for the production of acrylic baths

the most important equipment for the manufacture of acrylic baths is the vacuum forming machine (thermoforming).

Vacuum forming machine – equipment for the production of acrylic baths

the cost of such a machine for the manufacture of baths will start at approximately 2.5 million rubles.

They are cheaper, but, unfortunately, due to a smaller area of ​​forming such machines will not work. For this production requires a molding machine with an area of ​​approximately 2000 × 2000 mm.

Technology of production of acrylic baths

The very name ” acrylic bathtub ” says about the material from which they are made – acrylic or acrylic, and if not scientifically – methacrylate . Its distinctive characteristics are the extraordinary ease, combined with reliability and durability. Acrylic is of two types: industrial and technical. In the production of acrylic technical uses special additives designed to reduce the ability to reproduce various harmful microorganisms and bacteria on its surface. It is this type of acrylic used for the manufacture of baths, making them more hygienic and safe.

Acrylic baths on molding technology

Acrylic bathtubs are of high quality and reliability, manufactured using injection molding technology. Acrylic sheet is heated by this method as long as it does not acquire a plastic state. In its molten form is placed in the mold bath in which acrylic sheet is literally pushed by vacuum. Strength, durability and reliability sought applying several layers of fiberglass. The number of layers increases the strength and durability of the sanitary ware article. Acrylic bathtubs made ​​this way will differ increased quality characteristics. They will retain their visual appeal for the duration of the operation and will not cause any problems for their owners.

Mobile coffee shop – return on investment starting in 1 year!

November 20, 2015

mobile-coffee-shop-300x207Coffee – the most popular commodity in the world after oil. Coffee shop today – it’s not a gimmick, and not a luxury. They are literally everywhere. And each is distinguished by its special proprietary recipes, pricing, and entourage. More recently, in the streets and mobile coffee. Originally they are from Europe, namely Denmark and the United Kingdom. The most successful to date is considered to be a mobile coffee shop «Bikecaffe». Chain of stores spread across the globe.

Mobile coffee – what is it?

Mobile coffee shop is a bike or a scooter with a trailer or a small truck, a trailer – mounted coffee machine. These coffee shops are extremely popular, and they are not much different from the usual coffee shops familiar to us: in the range of several types of coffee drinks, many can even buy cakes to coffee service at the highest level and coffees are not inferior to expensive restaurants. One difference – to sit in a coffee shop will not work. Are mobile coffee anywhere – and on the side of the street, and near the subway and a bus stop, and at the mall.

How to open its mobile coffee shop?

There are two ways to buy a mobile coffee shop – buy a franchise from a known network of mobile stores or start a business from scratch. «Bikecaffe», for example, sells its franchises around the world. Thus, the cost of mobile coffee from the leader of an average of 500 thousand rubles. This amount includes direct itself a mobile coffee shop, all equipment, advice on doing business and barista training. According to the financiers «Bikecaffe» mobile coffee shop brings to 400 pounds per day, and it’s payback period is up to 3 months. This, of course, too bright prospects for the Russian market. Buying a franchise not necessarily so far: the first among the CIS country where there were mobile coffee shop, was Ukraine. Today in Kyiv there are more than 150 kinds of coffee shops. Ukrainian businessmen also offer franchise. The market of Russia and Ukraine, and a similar situation and on the demand for coffee drinks. And at the prices we are not very different. Thus, the return of “Ukrainian” mobile coffee shop is about 1 year. The cost of the equipped vehicle will cost $ 35 million.

If you open your mobile coffee shop, you first need to purchase trucks. Bicycles – the most economical option. But the bikes and cons pretty much. More expensive are the scooter / in this case, In this case, the side walls are trimmed and applied scooter brand symbolism coffee. The most convenient but also the most expensive option is to purchase vans. When you start a business from scratch is also necessary to think about the raw materials (coffee, tea, milk, water, syrup , etc.) and products: cups (optimal – branded ) caps to them , napkins, rolls , etc.

Particular attention should be paid to recruiting. Typically, for a mobile coffee only one employee. In the summer, the staff issue is solved practically by itself – in the big cities a lot of students who are looking for extra income. Education staff will take 2-3 days. Problem find staffs in the winter time – students learn and willing to freeze on the street is not so much. That is why the wage barista in the cold season than in the summer. However, despite the increase in staff costs, profit from mobile coffee shop in the autumn- winter period is much longer. It is not strange – drink hot coffee in 40 -degree heat not everyone wants, while in autumn rainy day or in the bitter cold wanting a cup of coffee to spare.

Business Features

mobile-coffee-shop-300x225As with any activity, mobile coffee have «pitfalls». The main problem is the legal registration of entrepreneurs. This format is a vision of trade not established in the current legislation, which carries a lot of problems. The question remains open design of parking and the sale of food from the machine. Another «bad moment» – mobile coffee station san dislikes According to Ukrainian businessmen, even with full compliance with all rules regulations, we have to pay a quarterly inspector.

An important consideration when opening a mobile coffee is the choice of location. Do not open «kochuyuschuyu ” coffee house – so lost regular customers . Coffee lover should know that this is where they can buy a delicious coffee. However, at the initial stage of coffee still «roam «in a crowded place, selecting an optimal location with the largest cross-country people.

Another condition for the successful development of a coffee while working. The sooner it opens the better. While working as regular coffee from 9-10, people hurrying to work starting from 6:00 am. Therefore, if your mobile coffee shop will work with at least seven in the morning, you get a steady stream of customers. The minimum number of coffees sold at a coffee shop one day is 70 cups. In the «money-making days” – folk festivals, weekends, holidays, exhibitions – 250 servings of coffee.

The key to success is a mobile coffee and unique recipe of coffee.

Let’s sum up. Start-up capital to open a mobile coffee shop must be at least 35 thousand dollars. However, this business is still quite promising and development in this niche is highly appreciated. Cost Effective Mobile coffee is 30 % and the return on the initial cost – about 1 year. Annual income from the 1st point, according to entrepreneurs in this area is about 250,000 rubles.

Crystal growth – a great opportunity to get rich!

November 20, 2015

vy-rashhivanie-kristallov-300x300Ironically, most jewelry today is equipped with artificial stones. This refers to precious stones, grown artificially. However, artificial crystals for strength, purity and quality, tread natural, only to produce them do not have any archaeological or dangerous forays into the deep shafts.

Create gems as business

Crystal growth is becoming more popular and affordable. It is clear that artificially grown ruby will be inferior to the cost of the natural, but the salary that can bring the sale of the crystals obtained in the laboratory, it will be very impressive. One of the advantages of this type of activity is that there is no need to obtain special permits and licenses. Indeed, the growth of crystals is no limit on the legislation, but still before to deploy a large company and legitimize it legally, be sure to consult with experts.

Regarding the competition: go to a jewelry store and pay attention to the cost of products with artificial gemstones. It would be a pretty considerable, as evidenced by the fact that the market is far from saturated. And if tomorrow there will be a few thousands who want to succeed in this business, any changes in this segment «of jewelry,” they will make.
Crystal growth at home – the opportunity to earn

Methods of crystal growth

certainly, in the 8-9 class, we all learned these processes, and some even haveexperimented at home under the name of “growing crystals of salt.” But no one thought at a time of financial opportunities that give such knowledge. Let’s remember, what the ways of growing crystals are.
So, one of them is cooled saturated solution. Since the process of creating jewelry – is a 99 % growth of crystals from the salt, then the solution will be salt. Each substance has a solubility of the boundary, i.e. in a certain solvent can dissolve a certain amount of salt or greater. Cooling saturated solution used for substances whose solubility depends on the fluid temperature. For example, at 90 ° C in 100g of water can dissolve 200g of alum, and at a temperature of 20 ° C is only 10 g. That’s the principle of the method – on cooling of the solution «pushed out «salt, forming a crystal, and more – crystals.

The second method by which we did salt crystals in childhood is the removal of «excess” of saturated liquid. In this case, the slower the water will evaporate the better the turn out crystal.
Growing crystals of copper sulfate and amuse you and your children
A third method – receiving crystals from the solution or melt substance by slow cooling. The most high-quality crystals are obtained, which are grown by seed, placed in a solution or melt. It is best to use for this purpose ready formed crystals.

The crystals are formed also by vapor condensation – it is a way we can see the formation of crystals on the windows in winter.

Crystal growth at home

1344139587_940527-300x200you can create gems and home. This, of course, will require large expenditures of time and patience, as conditions, anyway, not the same. Often in a normal apartment jewelry creation implies a growth of crystals for children. If you are not a creative person or you have time is scheduled by the minute, you can purchase a kit for growing crystals. These can be found in the shops of children’s art, in large supermarkets. If you liking to mess with the kids, then rummage online or in the literature and create crystals with their hands from A to Z. One of the most popular ways – growing crystals of copper sulfate. This powder blue can be found growing crystals of salt available in any store, «Gardening ” , its value is not high , but the experience you and your household will be a lot . In fact, create beauty can, as mentioned above, of virtually any material. Even the growth of crystals of sugar is no exception.

If you decide to engage in the cultivation of crystals for industrial purposes at home, you have to be patient and necessary equipment. After all, for the creation of artificial stone, which is interested jeweler, ordinary glass and strings will be enough. But nothing is impossible, and it all depends on the willingness and perseverance.

No need to be a great economist to understand the benefits of growing crystals. For example, to get a ruby crystal at about 30 carats, you need time and 3:00 * 3 kW hours of electricity, or about $ 1. Cost of materials (no more than 0.2 g of chromium oxide and 6 g of aluminum oxide) is about $ 0.50. Given these facts we can safely say that the profitability of the business exceeds the limit. There should be ways of selling and to find long-term customers – profit will not take long. And the emotional reward of his wife so precisely is guaranteed!

Sale of dosimeters – real way to make

November 20, 2015

dozimetr-300x288In today’s world it is very difficult to get through to the top of the income. This fact also applies to private entrepreneurs and business people who value their time and want to deadlines to achieve high results, and thus it is necessary to come up with a very original idea for a living. The first steps are to do absolutely anything, and when you select the correct direction you will walk by leaps and bounds. All beginners and experienced business people are always trying to take the position in the battle for the top, where a low number of competing firms. Therefore, we will tell about a business idea, called dosimeters sale.

In the world, people are trying to protect themselves, their families and relatives from various harmful factors. Most unpleasant occurrences are known statistically, happens at home. In the existing environmental situation today, elevated levels of radiation may well be on a par with the various leaks (including gas) in the list of dangerous factors of our life with you.

Dosimeters are in great demand

as is known, radiation monitors in our time is not too common, but especially now, people have started to think about their safety more and more. They want to protect themselves so that no harmful infection from getting to them, so many have attended to the purchase of these devices.

Now the real competition in this area is small, so you have all the chances to gain a leading position in it. The only important thing is to competently present, the behavior of all the terrible factors that take place to be if a person does not acquire a dosimeter in advance, and that it will likely be living in a room filled with radiation. Your job is to tell all the details in advance to a potential buyer.

Sale of dosimeters

To start moving upwards, you will need to start to get yourself such device.
They are commonly known as radiometers or dosimeters. In the world there are a great many such instruments. Pricing policy of one of the dosimeter begins with a small mark of five thousand rubles. As you can guess, the customer can easily buy me without your help, so your top priority will be the acquisition of a really powerful and professional dosimeter – radiometer, which will eventually be sold to the customer. This unit will easily analyze and calculate the radiation quickly and accurately, which is very important. The most common type of dosimeter – radiometer called the «ISS -M “, it is, of course, no less – about 22-25 thousand rubles. In this case, the high price of a said tool. Speed, quality and accuracy – his hobby.

To achieve higher sales, implementer business ideas do not recommend restrictions on the same radio emission. No problem, in addition to this basic service, you can also make an offer to clients, for example, to measure the quality of air around and the soil and its fertility, the various effects of electromagnetic waves that are floating around. It refers to a variety of environmental monitors, detectors, electromagnetic fields. Each such device is spent around ten thousand, and your approximate cost of the equipment will be about 40-50 thousand rubles.

Potential customers

First you need to decide who they are – are your customers? Sale dosimeters for domestic use the answer is obvious – all adults who care about their safety and long life. It is important to interest the person , and he will continue to learn myself at you, whether in his home the level of alpha , gamma and beta radiation accepted norms or not. Others wish to immediately check for the presence of radiation the workplace. Some may use this service on the acquisition or construction of their home. The rest of the contingent of people will not mind immediately check their smallholding and garden can be contained to the level of nitrates in the soil.

Your primary task is to help your potential customer to identify him with a radioactive environment and sell him a dosimeter, with which he will save for a long time me and my family from unwanted invisible impact. If you just happen again, wanting to protect themselves – a great many, the main thing to recruit and retain such people. Since in this area there is no big competition, you have all the chances to recapture its costs in the first few months.

Express delivery of tampons and pads – a solution for the money business

November 20, 2015

dostavkatamponovApparently, only women understand fully the inevitability of cycles in our world. Every month, they are faced with such a situation and from it, as well as from taxes, we cannot escape. Following the above, it is clear that the demand for the feminine hygiene was and always will be. Fortunately for potrebitelnits , diversity is now so great that any will find exactly what suits her . Unfortunately, sometimes there are “force majeure» situation where the fair sex natural cycle «caught by surprise «- in the middle of the business day on a business trip before an important meeting, etc. In most cases, women are always ready for these situations and have in their arsenal a “strategic reserve” , but this does not always happen . It is this fact that prompted the idea proposed by us – delivery of tampons and pads.
The founders of delivery of feminine hygiene

In England, two enterprising women took up the experience of the companies for the delivery of donuts, rolls and socks and offered buyers delivery tampons. The company was named Trinkets and thought through every detail. Women offer delivery of tampons with applicators and without them, as tampons Trinkets Company offered in different sizes. Above all, when you order, you can specify how often they want the delivery of tampons and in what quantity. Packaging for tampons specially designed so that it can be easily put in the mailbox, and then not have to be home at the time of delivery.

Trinkets operate only in the UK, and therefore, delivery is only within it. But why not borrow the idea from the Brits and transform it under the terms of delivery of tampons and pads for domnashey country?
Delivery of tampons and pads

first let’s define that our compatriots are not only tampons, but pads. It is therefore appropriate, by this line of business, and to include in the range of tampons and pads. On the Diversity of both the other, you can write some articles, but we will not do this. We confine ourselves to thoughts on the matter. In our view, the best option will be shipping those hygiene products, which gives preference to each of your clients. Almost every woman knows the manufacturer’s specifications and tampons and pads that are right for her. For everyone else, can make a small list of the most popular means of feminine hygiene products.

The idea of ​​a monthly delivery, like the adventurous Trinkets, has the right to live in our country. It is quite reasonable to say that many will want to bypass the purchase of feminine hygiene products in supermarkets and drug stores, as many are experiencing some uneasiness at the checkout. There are ladies who will prefer the delivery of tampons and pads because of the time savings. And those and others – are your potential customers, who is necessary to interest and gain their trust.

Still, in our opinion the main focus of this idea is the delivery of pads and tampons to the office. Not even necessarily in the office – at the place where the woman is faced with unforeseen circumstances and cannot in any way to get to the places of sale of toiletries. In this case, the aid will come express delivery tampons and pads, which can offer you exactly.
Several organizational issues

If you decide to engage in delivery of tampons and pads (whether express shipping to any location or monthly delivery of your home address) you need to consider ways of ordering. The most common and effective way – ordering by phone. In this case, there is no need to create the site – enough to place ads with a phone number and information needed.

Logically, the consultant must be female. Otherwise, do not avoid embarrassment on the part of clients. For this reason, it is desirable to employ couriers and women: a heavy load to carry is not necessary, but the time of settlement with the customer will be much more at ease.

Regarding the “stocks” – there are several options for purchasing them. The first – the purchase of pads and tampons immediately after receipt of order , and second , the acquisition of a small strategic reserve , which saves time , eliminates the risk of lack of product on store shelves, but will require additional expenses for the provision of an advance purchase of feminine hygiene products and content , though small , warehouse.

Whether the business is profitable? Definitely yes. With the right approach and high quality advertising campaign clients are guaranteed, but the costs are minimal. Main item of expenditure – payment courier, as the very value of the goods you return immediately upon receipt of the goods by the client. Yes, the idea is pretty specific, but that she is valuable – do not take the risk to do all such business, and that you can become the undisputed leader!

Farmhouse in Russia – a virgin land for investment of their capital

November 20, 2015

400px-Masia_Estany_Catalonia_Spain-300x225Tourism has always been and will be a bonanza for businessmen. But to break into the tourism market, to earn a good reputation, interested customers and offer them something brand new pretty hard. This is a huge problem for those who want to invest their money in tourism.

Own farm, whether a vineyard, fruit and berry plantations, horse farm, as always relevant as a means of obtaining a stable and steady income. So why not combine «with pleasure «? On the one hand you make a profit from the operation of your farm , on the other hand – you get paid money for the tourists stay in the village and plus everything for what you do for your job well ! Russia has always been famous for its village – white birch, endless fields, clear rivers … All this is very appealing to residents of cities today. This idea implies agritourism in Russia as a means of getting money.

In fact, spend a week or two in the open air but with fresh milk , escheKulturny and Activities – Agritourism in Russia and try to pull the barrel rim , chop firewood , grazing cows – and all in good fun – all this gives a very large boost of energy and positivity for urban dweller . And for the owner of the land – a very good income.

If you are interested in agro-tourism in Russia and you have decided on the implementation of the plan in the first place to acquire land – farm itself, or, in this case resort. If financial resources do not allow at this time to buy a farm , or do you prefer to first test their strength and see the result , you can take a plot of land to lease to the stipulation in the contract the right to build and agricultural activities , or rent a farm so ready .

The next step in the construction of agro- base will be just what you need to decide what type of agritourism you will . This choice depends, your preferences and capabilities, and the climatic zone. For example , the vineyard is not cost-effective to do in the northern part of the country . Also guided by the fashion trends of the urban population – quite possibly more relevant and acceptable to you will just be a horse farm , where visitors will be trained to ride and where they will be horseback riding.

Do not forget about the house – because tourists need not just spend the night with you at a party , and feel at the resort. Take care of the exterior of the houses – Agritourism in Russia involves design houses in the Russian style , as in the old villages – it could be a ” wattle and daub ” and frame, with a fence or a fence . Do not forget about the little things – Glechyk on the fence, a fragment of the stairs , mills , etc. Room interior – also a very important aspect of the design hotel. Do not resort to the use of modern design and minimalist. It is clear that the technique should be in the room and it should be up to date, but the decor of the room to carry tourists to the Russian village , the village of my grandfather .

Take care and social program for tourists. If there are any nearby cultural sites or other attractions, or a farm near the magnificent scenery – do not be lazy and organize excursions. In the presence of the forest take away their guests for mushrooms, berries. But only in the event that you are well versed in the mushrooms and wonderfully know woodland trails. Fishing and hunting – also great ideas pastime.

On the farm itself inform the media, allow advertising, called around to acquaintances, friends , relatives . Make sure that the ad was appealing to the target audience – do focus on environmentally friendly products, clean air , beautiful nature , outdoor activity …

If all of the above interests you , if you love nature and want to work in the tourism sector – then forward to his hacienda and invites guests who are ready for an active holiday in the country!

Rent a beauty salon – homing in 8 months

November 20, 2015

3-e1356172344832-300x233It features a hairdresser; each of us becomes a regular basis. Even those of the fairer sex who are the owners of spit to toe , periodically visit ” barber ” to refresh haircut. To date, a hairdressing salon in pure form cannot be found – the opening of a beauty salon is a more feasible and profitable. Indeed, the services of a cosmetologist and manicurist are no less popular than the services of a hairstyle and hair painting. And it concerns not only women. So we offer you another reason not devoid of the idea of ​​how to make money on people’s desire to be beautiful.

Basic principles

If you did decide to open a beauty salon, you will encounter the following points:

search the premises or rental (purchase);
repair facilities Beauty (cosmetic or thematic) ;
formalization of documents;
selection of personnel;
establishment of pricing policies.

To start, decide the scope and audience of his cabin. Let’s say, for the creation of a large network of good salons immediately need about $ 6 million. Naturally, in this case, you need investors and partners. To open a single middle- salon will need 10 000 to 20 000 $ and this amount will agree, looks more affordable.

Choosing a place for beauty salon

many people who start a business in this field believe that opening the salon premium in the city center can immediately become a millionaire. But the facts tell a different story – sign up for a manicure at the middle- Show today ” often impossible, while in the salons with higher prices make it a lot easier. Another fact – the opening of middle- salon will cost you $ 8,000.

When choosing a place go around the area where you are going to open their own salon. Note the presence of supermarkets, markets and other shops, the number of ATMs … In general all the elements of a comfortable life – the more, the better. This suggests that the inhabitants of the area are used to solve all of your immediate problems without going beyond it (the district).

Selection of premises

biznes-plan-salona-krasoty_1-300x199Certain rules specifically for beauty salons are not spelled out in the law , so the room must meet the standards of the premises of service industries . Beauty salon can be the building of schools, kindergartens, health centers. You can have a beauty salon on the first or ground floor of a house. In accordance with certain rules, the area should be at least 60 sq.
There are several options for opening his shop:

1. Space rental.

Rental of premises for beauty has certain advantages: in the case of an unfortunate choice of places you can cancel the contract with the landlord and move to another location. But keep in mind that the landlord may terminate the self-contract with you for no particular reason and at the wrong time, or simply to raise the rent.

2. Purchase of the property.

Buy space for the beauty it is advisable from the point of view that you will not in any way depend on the landlord and «dance to his tune.” The risk is that the choice of location might fail. Or the salon business will not be for you. But in this case, you will be able to take their already acquired space for rent. Alternatively, it is possible and rent beauty – that is, do you rent is not the room itself, and the whole structure of the business. Recently, it is a very common type of earnings.

3. Online virtual beauty salon.

Pretty deyatelnosti.Polnotsennym specific kind of beauty cannot be called , but visitors to such sites is always very much. Accordingly , the cost of the opening of this salon will be no less than one order of magnitude .

Repair facilities

gotovyj-biznes-plan-salona-krasoty-300x175If you are starting a business from scratch, buying or renting premises for beauty be transferred to the overhaul.Redecorating is possible when renting a beauty salon or a tenancy under the already well-equipped beauty salon.

The important point is that the walls, floor and ceiling must be lined with a material that is easy to clean. Before beginning repairs thoroughly review the standards for beauty room, or risk being permanently delay the opening seems to be 100 % ready salon.

By zoning beauty also go up with the mind: First, there are certain requirements for certain cosmetic services (say, a manicure and pedicure room rate of natural light should be more than 1.5 %, and for the rest of the masters – at least 1 %), and secondly, if you save too much space, you will lose the general view of interior and deliver both masters and customer comfort and convenience.

Before repairs also consider if your salon standard, or you prefer to approach this with creativity and add zest. In the second embodiment of luck if you do have the gift of a designer. Otherwise, you’ll pay for a designer – designer, who today are not cheap.


Often, equipment for beauty salon is standard. When you buy equipment, primarily according to one’s wishes of employees – that the masters of your salon to operate the equipment, and they have something for sure know with what they will be more convenient and efficient to operate.
You can buy / used equipment. These services often offer beauty who, for one reason or another, changing the old equipment (for example, hiring a capricious master or change the interior ) or it does go out of business . When purchasing b / equipment’s you will save about 50 %, but double check the serviceability of the equipment and its parts.


The minimum state standard middle- salon:
4 master barber
2 masters of manicure, pedicure
2 beautician
cleaning woman

This is a rough cabin staff with the shift work.

To hire better skilled, but would still young masters.

Age category is considered to be optimal for hairdressers 21-28 years. In this case, the young people are not flighty and more seriously as a job, as well as to the task, and they are modern and watch the fashion trends.

Regarding the beautician and manicurist, pedicure – Experience with such expertise should be at least 2 years.

The best option would be the reception staffs are not in accordance with the employment contract, and «for labor «at a minimum s / n + bonuses. In that case, you save yourself from unnecessary nerazberih and headaches in the tax, and the master is happy.


what is the percentage given to the master, and what to take to the cashier – is your personal decision. But the master barber receives an average of 30-40 % (excluding tip). Not to lower wages of their employees – it’s very tempting to increase workers take the “left» of customers and welcome customers at home salon. For a better control of withholding income at the workplace, the administrator must control the number of clients for each master and the type of service that was provided. To do this, the administrator must be approached you people, if any, can do it yourself (At least the first time) .

Business plan beauty salon

Costs at the start:
Official registration (registration of IP, production printing, obtaining all permits, etc.) -1000 $
Space rental (assuming the equipment) 90m square . – 1 500-2 000 $ depending on the location.
Major maintenance – $ 12,000
Other costs (making signage, brochures , phone connection , alarm ) – for about $ 1,500
Total : $ 16,500

Monthly costs:
Room rental – 1500 – $ 2000
Utilities – $ 150
Consumables – $ 200
Staff salaries – $ 800 (officially)
Taxes – 350 – $ 480
Other expenses – up to $ 400
Total : $ 3,030

Income per month :
One master barber serves 10-12 clients a day . Average cost of services – $ 18. Ie, we have 2 * 10 * 18 = $ 360 per day, and 360 * 30 = $ 10,800.
Master pedicure and manicure services a day for about 6 clients. The average cost of the service is also sostavleyaet $ 18-20. 6 * 20 = $ 120 a day, and 120 * 30 = $ 3600 per month.
Beautician takes 2 people per day and the cost of its services on average $ 28. We have a $ 56 per day and $ 1680.
By deducting from cash money came in monthly expenses and s / n, employees can safely say that beauty goes to zero over a period of 8 to 24 months (depending on the cost at the start ) .

The conclusion of this article pretty logical: the right to choose the place and the staff and has a straightforward initial capital of about $ 20,000 you can get a ready-made business a beauty salon. At a small capital and large iintuziazme you get a lucrative business that needs a little «educate “.


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November 10, 2015

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I never drank pineapple juice on its own. The only time I really have the juice is when I east a pineapple. or when I buy a can of pineapples that have been sliced into rings. I went to my local grocery store and bought the biggest bottle of pineapple juice that I could find. read more …

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Playing Games to Learn How to Make Games

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Tempurpedic Foam Mattress reviews

April 15, 2015

Tempurpedic reviewsTempur-Pedic is a company that claims that it will help you sleep like the dead and reading TempurPedic reviews tells you that they have been quite successful in keeping their word. The question is that what makes the Tempur mattresses so different from the other memory foam mattresses. In the 1970s NASA scientists were working on making a material that will cushion the astronaut’s body evenly and provide support and absorb pressure during the liftoff stage.

The material

The material NASA was working on was temperature sensitive and had the ability to evenly distribute the body weight. When NASA released this material to the public Swedish scientist spent almost a decade of research and hard work and millions of dollars to produce the Tempur material that is used in the Tempur-Pedic Mattresses today and has given comfortable sleep a whole new meaning.

Bob Trussell started the Tempur-Pedic in Virginia. Later the company merged with Dan Foams and become a global venture. Over the past 5 decade the company has provided the users with exceptional products that mean a whole new level of comfort. Not only mattresses but the range of product includes pillows, linen, slippers, cushions and sleep masks etc.

Comfort sleep

Reading TempurPedic reviews will tell you how satisfied the customers are and how well the Tempur-Pedic products have helped them. A good night’s sleep is no doubt the key behind a person’s success. Sleep is the time when the body naturally heals and rejuvenates and if a person is not sleeping well it will lead to fatigue, exhaustion and tiredness all the time. Also if a person is not sleeping well it can cause problems like loss of focus, inability to concentrate and in short the person will not be able to perform well.

Not to forget that not sleeping on a comfortable or suitable memory foam mattress or bed can cause stiff joints, neck and back ache, aching muscles and many long term problems can originate from these day to day rather night to night problems. Read a few rated memory foam mattress reviews and you will see how people have gotten rid of all such problems by using the Tempur-Pedic products. read more …

Preventing Lower Back Pain

April 7, 2015

If you have experienced lower back pain–as 80 percent of people do at some time in their lives–you know how hard it is to deal with. It may keep you from many activities. It may make you lose working time. You may find some relief by taking over-the-counter pain medication, but this is not a solution. There are steps you can take to relieve back pain and also keep it from returning. This article will give you tips on the relief and prevention of lower back pain.

A consultation with your doctor can lead to effective treatment. But you need to be prepared to give detailed information about what may have caused your back pain in the beginning. Think about the physical work you do, or the chair you sit in at work. How much exercise do you get? How strong are the abdominal and other muscles that support your back? Have you been in an accident or had a fall? All these can be factors in producing back pain. Your doctor may prescribe medications to bring you some relief from pain. However, long term relief will depend on your own efforts. An awareness of posture, both sitting and standing, is a starting point. Efforts to support your back better and also strengthen the muscles that support the spine can keep your lower back pain from returning. Once you have experienced lower back pain, you are highly motivated to prevent its return!

Many of us lead a sedentary lifestyle. Your back needs strong abdominal and pelvic area muscles to keep its shape. A brisk walk daily, keeping your tummy muscles tucked in, can prevent back problems from developing. Stretching exercises such as those done in yoga can also help with this. But avoid acts that strain your back. Those acrobatic twists and turns you did while playing tennis in your teens may be something you need to avoid now. As we grow older, there is a gradual degradation of the cartilage discs in the spine. These are your spine’s shock absorbers. At 60 they will not tolerate the stress they used to survive when you were young.

These tips have given you a start in your efforts to relieve lower back pain and prevent it from becoming a chronic condition. Follow through on a good program to avoid stress and strengthen your back, and you can happily find relief from debilitating back pain.

Ironically, one of the chief causes of lower back pain is the mattress you sleep on. If it does not give good support to your back, your time spent resting in bed can result in damage to your back instead of restorative rest. Experts advise sleeping on a firm or medium-firm mattress, never a soft one. When your body sinks into a soft mattress, your spine has no support. A firm mattress will help keep your spine straight and supported, not letting it curve out of shape. Also, how long has it been since you replaced your mattress? If it has been more than 5 or 6 years, it is probably time to buy a new one. Investing in a good quality, firm mattress is one of the best things you can do for your back. Now let’s see the Intex Mattress Whether it is the best one.

For over forty years, Intex Mattress is available in the market to give quality, service and affordable products. Intex products has wide variety, it does not only produce airbed but also above ground, swimming pools, inflatable toys, lake boats and pool and saltwater pool systems as well as bed mattresses that is filled with air.

Why choose Intex mattress?

* It is compact for easy storage and travel.
* It is lightweight but made of solid and durable materials.
* It is available in conventional mattress sizes so standard bed sheets can be used.
* Inflates bed in about two minutes and deflates bed for about four minutes using built in AC pump.
* It provides bed-like comfort and more resistant than regular bed.
* It is designed for high quality, reliability, and comfort with innovative designs in affordable price.
* It reduces pressure points, provides support and gives you good night sleep.
* Some models have remote control so you can easily adjust the firmness.

Intex mattress collections

* Intex Camping Airbeds – designed for your adventures, so you can bring your bed anywhere, it is easy to inflate using pump and no power required. Engineered for comfort and durability. Collections are Camping Mats, Wave Camping Mats, Prestige Downy, Downy Beds, Comfort-top and Super Tough.
* Intex Home Airbeds – starts with flocked bed and now, they offer raised bed with memory foam. Collections are Classic Downy, 2 in 1, Comfort-Top, Pillowrest, Deluxe Pillowrest, Raised Downy, Comfort Bed, Raised Comfort-Top Bed, Airflow, Foam Top, Comfort Frame and Deluxe Frame.

Uses of Intex mattress

It is portable so you can bring it anytime and anywhere you want. It will not add up to your space because you can deflate, fold and keep it when not in use. You can offer it to your guest and visitors for your slumber party or sleepovers.

Stocks surge to highest since 2008

March 18, 2015

Chinese stocks rallied to the highest level since April 2008, led by gains in steel and advanced industry sectors, as signs show that the Ministry of Finance is moving to rectify trillions of yuan of entangled local government debt.

The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index surged by 2.13 percent to close at 3,577.3 on Wednesday. The gauge has gained about 76 percent during the past 12 months.

Steel stocks led the rally, with Valin Steel, Bao Steel, Fangda Steel and Daye Special Steel jumping by the daily limit of 10 percent.

The Shenzhen Component Index jumped 2.68 percent to 12,496.24, while the CSI 300 Index added 2.37 percent to 3,846.05.

Smart TV manufacturers, including TCL and BOE Technology Group, gained 10 percent. Hisense and Sichuan Changhong rose 9.7 and 6 percent respectively.

High-tech industry sector remained bullish on Wednesday, as digital machine tool manufacturer Yawei Group jumped by the daily limit, and Qinchuan Machine Tool Group and mobile antenna company Shenzhen Sunway Communication by more than 5 percent.

Trading in Shanghai and Shenzhen bourse climbed on Wednesday and amounted to 617.4 and 504.5 billion yuan respectively.

The Ministry of Finance earlier announced that it issued rules on general local government bond issuance (GLGB) on Mar 12. Combined with the pilot program launched last year that allowed 10 municipals to officially issue GLGBs, the moves aim at lessening the liquidity pressure among regional governments and enhance transparency in fiscal budget.