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Genetic scheduling algorithm douses road repair blues

April 6, 2016

Roads must be fixed. But repairing busy roads creates a number of problems. From work-site dangers to travel disruptions, road repair is no Sunday drive. But it’s in everyone’s best interest to ensure that road repairs are executed as efficiently, effectively, and safely as possible. In their article “Orange Eyes: Genetic Engineering Makes Work Zones More Efficient, Safer” (in the Transportation Management & Engineering supplement to Roads & Bridges Magazine, July 2008) DMJM Harris traffic engineer Yimin Tang, Ph.D., and New Jersey Institute of Technology Professor Steven I-Jy Chien detail a new method for optimizing the schedule for road repairs. read more …

Fare’s fair—give DRPA its due

March 10, 2016

Someone needed to say it. So DMJM Harris senior vice president James Weinstein and national toll practice vice president Daniel Faust put the message out, with force and clarity. In their Philadelphia Inquirer editorial “Driven to Serve, the DRPA Doesn’t Deserve Unfair Criticism” (August 10, 2008), Weinstein and Faust counter the unwarranted uproar about the Delaware River Port Authority’s (DRPA) request for a toll increase. Detailing DRPA’s exemplary record for prudent infrastructure spending and investment, Weinstein and Faust ask the DRPA constituency to examine the facts to understand why the investment is necessary.

“The debate over DRPA’s planned toll increase is a worthy exercise, one that warrants attention and passion. The tone of recent allegations and reporting, however, has crossed the line of civil debate, painting an unbalanced and inaccurate picture of the agency and its mission. read more …

What are WB Editor tools?

December 15, 2015

In WB Editor 3, there are a set of tools that can be used to accomplished more complicated tasks other than basic editing tasks. E.g.

  • Find and replace test
  • Edit HTML source
  • Spell check
  • Insert image or file
  • Insert playing music information

read more …

Business Ideas for Beginners

November 20, 2015

Trade Forex and go for regular work

forex-001-300x200when most people come to the Forex, they paint a career in which they can easily earn money bag and get all the free time in the world. But the trend is that these same traders become obsessed by the market, and instead of having more free time, they spend every waking moment in front of your monitor! And my family, they spend even less time than before to the moment when they came to Forex.

There is a trading method that does not need to be constantly at the monitor. This method involves trading on the weekly and daily charts.

When traders learn to trade the Forex market, it is better to choose trade on the daily chart. Why? Since many beginners Forex and have most of the work, they just do not have time to watch the market for a few hours. And then the free time that they have, they want to spend with your family. Trading on the daily chart just gives such a possibility, that is, in this case, the trader does not have too much to look at changes in the market situation. read more …

The best kind of investment on the Internet

November 20, 2015

Financial difficulties and how to solve them

Forex-300x225probably everyone has faced financial problems. Many people want to give you an extra good income, in order to fix their financial problems. Many of them seem to work in a good company, get a good salary, but sometimes this is not enough for people to meet their needs. They cannot afford to buy an excellent apartment, nice furniture, rest on the sea on holiday, but for many this is not enough.

They want to repair the apartment, buy a new car, and much, much more, it all depends on your needs and desires. But there are times when, as they say, the soul asks for a job. Many people come up with the idea of the impending retirement, but how then, as they have a good income. Therefore, people are beginning to search for additional income on the internet, but many pretty hectic schedules the basic work, and the need to take care of their health. What do you do? read more …

The opening of the agency creative gifts

November 20, 2015

The holiday, of course, cannot possibly be complete without certain gifts. Well, if youhave a gift and a pleasant sense of the original, the festival is gaining maximum positive-emotional momentum, and the giver is remembered and finds a very long-termarrangement with the person to whom a present surprise was presented. Here are just aselect exclusive gift of material (or tangible) stuff is incredibly difficult – so many giftsalready acquired the status of “traditional”. read more …

Production of acrylic baths

November 20, 2015

Production-of-acrylic-baths-300x300Catching bathroom design, trying to account for the entire interior, making it convenient and aesthetically decorated, cozy, carefully choosing tile, furniture, but the main emphasis is on the plumbing. And this is understandable: the plumbing for the bathroom – the most important element, combining designs, functionality and convenience.

In this paper, we analyze the information about the production of acrylic baths, equipment for him and manufacturing technology. read more …

Mobile coffee shop – return on investment starting in 1 year!

November 20, 2015

mobile-coffee-shop-300x207Coffee – the most popular commodity in the world after oil. Coffee shop today – it’s not a gimmick, and not a luxury. They are literally everywhere. And each is distinguished by its special proprietary recipes, pricing, and entourage. More recently, in the streets and mobile coffee. Originally they are from Europe, namely Denmark and the United Kingdom. The most successful to date is considered to be a mobile coffee shop «Bikecaffe». Chain of stores spread across the globe. read more …

Crystal growth – a great opportunity to get rich!

November 20, 2015

vy-rashhivanie-kristallov-300x300Ironically, most jewelry today is equipped with artificial stones. This refers to precious stones, grown artificially. However, artificial crystals for strength, purity and quality, tread natural, only to produce them do not have any archaeological or dangerous forays into the deep shafts.

Create gems as business

Crystal growth is becoming more popular and affordable. It is clear that artificially grown ruby will be inferior to the cost of the natural, but the salary that can bring the sale of the crystals obtained in the laboratory, it will be very impressive. One of the advantages of this type of activity is that there is no need to obtain special permits and licenses. Indeed, the growth of crystals is no limit on the legislation, but still before to deploy a large company and legitimize it legally, be sure to consult with experts. read more …

Sale of dosimeters – real way to make

November 20, 2015

dozimetr-300x288In today’s world it is very difficult to get through to the top of the income. This fact also applies to private entrepreneurs and business people who value their time and want to deadlines to achieve high results, and thus it is necessary to come up with a very original idea for a living. The first steps are to do absolutely anything, and when you select the correct direction you will walk by leaps and bounds. All beginners and experienced business people are always trying to take the position in the battle for the top, where a low number of competing firms. Therefore, we will tell about a business idea, called dosimeters sale. read more …

Express delivery of tampons and pads – a solution for the money business

November 20, 2015

dostavkatamponovApparently, only women understand fully the inevitability of cycles in our world. Every month, they are faced with such a situation and from it, as well as from taxes, we cannot escape. Following the above, it is clear that the demand for the feminine hygiene was and always will be. Fortunately for potrebitelnits , diversity is now so great that any will find exactly what suits her . Unfortunately, sometimes there are “force majeure» situation where the fair sex natural cycle «caught by surprise «- in the middle of the business day on a business trip before an important meeting, etc. In most cases, women are always ready for these situations and have in their arsenal a “strategic reserve” , but this does not always happen . It is this fact that prompted the idea proposed by us – delivery of tampons and pads. read more …